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[12 May 2013|11:26pm]

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scifibigbang sign ups are open!! [13 Feb 2013|09:37am]

This year marks the start of our fifth round and to celebrate, we're accepting sign ups for both a 10k Mini Bang or a 25k Big Bang! As always, stories must be based around a science fiction or fantasy fandom. Author sign ups close February 28th and artist sign ups close June 30th. Crossovers, AUs, and original fiction are all welcome, so go sign up! :D :D

On Livejournal, rules and timeline are here, author sign ups are here, and artist sign ups are here.

We are also currently accepting submissions for our new header! Information for that can be found here.

We can be found on [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth] and [Tumblr].
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LeVar is amazing [12 Dec 2012|01:13pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Not technically Trek, but damn this man is still amazing.

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Wesley/Riker Mini Bang [24 Sep 2012|09:39am]

Round two sign-ups for Wesley/Riker Mini Bang are officially open!!!

Schedule | Author Sign-Ups | Artist Sign-Ups | Alpha, Beta, Cheerleader Sign-Ups
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No, Worf... NO! [25 Feb 2012|07:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Someone got bored and made a giant montage of people telling Worf, "No!" It's really funny; poor guy...

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Sci-fi/Fantasy Big Bang Sign Ups [10 Feb 2012|05:17pm]


[info]scifibigbang is back!

The goal? Write a 20k word story based around a sci-fi/fantasy based fandom or original story.  Author sign ups run through March 1st.  I know how many great authors/artists we have in the Trek fandom, so I'd love to see some entries.  Crossovers and AU are more than welcome. So, go! Sign up! :D :D

Rules are here

Author sign ups are here

Artist sign ups are here
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Wesley/Riker Mini Bang [07 Oct 2011|08:46am]

Schedule | Author Sign-Ups | Artist Sign-Ups | Alpha, Beta, Cheerleader Sign-Ups

Hey everyone!
I'm here to promote an under appreciated pairing in the TNG world.
Hope to see some new faces for the mini bang!
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The half-naked joggers in "Justice" was so annoying [02 Sep 2011|11:53pm]

[ mood | talk math to me ]

I was looking forward to that episode, but alas, it's true what they said about the brain being an important sex organ: I was so annoyed by the annoying, callously simple people, that I just wanted to punch the screen when they come on.

rant in which I used capsCollapse )

Very excellent play by some of the characters though. My fangirl heart leaped and did a little dance when Riker rushed to defend Wesley from the people who came at Wes with the poison needle. Dr.Crusher was just lovely. I've always loved the relationship between Beverly and Wesley, they really do feel like they are mother and son, in interaction, and in characterization too, I don't know if the actors have talked about it or not, but both of them have this same adorkable air of excited geekiness, Wes more obvi than Bev.

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The Contents of Barclay's Freaky Holosuite Fantasy [02 Sep 2011|08:30pm]

Okay, so it makes sense to have Troi and Beverly there looking lovely...while male senior officers were shortened joke...but how do you explain having Wesley Crusher there? Wesley who looked like this:

...and then Beverly said; "Master Barclay will spank you if you misbehave"

Barclay fantasizes about spanking Wesley! He has a program for it and has roleplayed it already, holy crap I knew that guy was a freak! I think we should set him up with Geordi.

Broccoli is just lucky that Dr.Crusher didn't see this! Barclay, you sick sick freak!

Failing to locate Rule 34, I hereby invoke Rule 35 for Barclay/Wesley spanking Come on, 2366-2348 = Legal

ETA: A partial Barclay/Wesley(holo!), with an appearance from cockblocking Picard, lol Barclay, har-ha! Holodeck Fantasy #1

How spectacularly awkward must Barclay be to need the holodeck considering the free sex future?

ETA 2: You know what, I think the inclusion of the Barclay was a stroke of authorial brilliance. Whereas Wesley being annoying was unintentional, and him being said to be awesome in show made a lot of fans mad (though I actually like Wesley)...Barclay was intended to be someone we can laugh at, guilt free, because this is the kinda acceptable target that would totally have rape fantasies on the holodeck or something. It's okay to to point and laugh at this complete weenie. Barclay exist for everyone of us who has ever felt a deep desire to solve someone like him into a fountain, but was too conscientious to do so - unless he's a creep.
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The Turbolift Walk of Shame [29 Aug 2011|09:07am]

Heya peeps!

So, how many turbolifts does the TNG Enterprise have?

It seem like they were pausing the turbolift for a long dramatic moment all the time, and in a ship with so many people and shift times wouldn't a long line form on every floor and people get annoyed?

...that's what I can't stop thinking about whenever a sexy fic uses the turbolift setting. Like, dudes, it's the middle of the day on a busy starship, NOT one of your apartment elevators in the middle of the night.

Then, there is dating in the Jefferies Tube. Oh the things that Geordie have heard and seen! Geordie's holodeck file is running out of space.
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[20 Aug 2011|10:29pm]


happy_trekmas signups close tomorrow August 21!

For signups, two pairings/characters from TOS/AOS are required, but pairings/characters from other Star Trek series are welcome. Please note that while we will try to accommodate all canon, we can't promise it.
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data the yarndroid [20 Aug 2011|05:07pm]

i was marathoning star trek: tng on netflix, and i decided to crochet Data while i watched. check out the pictures at my journal here:

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Netflix [23 Jun 2011|12:53am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

 Every single episode of  all series of star trek except the cartoon will be on netflix  july first...Prepare for the mother of all marathons!!! Who's with me!!

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Autographed T-Shirt for Auction [28 May 2011|07:02pm]

(posted w/ the mod's permission).

Several friends and I are running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure early next month and to raise money for the event, we are auctioning several t-shirts that have been autographed by stars in various fandoms--one of which has been signed by several TNG stars.

Feel free to check it out here!
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Stellar Cartography [26 May 2011|08:17pm]

I know lots of people adore the special effects that have appeared several times in the TNG Stellar Cartography lab. Besides the bridge, it's the one room I'd like to be able to visit for real.

Until that's available, though, TNG fans of Stellar Cartography will probably really like this video from the Very Large Telescope in Chile. The first 1:30 are a bit slow if you're impatient; jump to that point for the good stuff. (And it's not special effects. ;-)

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Edgar Q. Poe [28 Apr 2011|07:19pm]

He does a great job.

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Hello! [25 Mar 2011|12:45am]


Greetings! I am here to do some advertising on this community about a Star Trek RPG. 


This group has just started up, but given the rigorous attention to detail, we plan on it to be booming with your help, and if you're interested, you are humbly invited.

Below is the plot


This RP site is finished. I am posting the overall plot for people to see as well as the link. We have inter-graded DS9 in the plot, but it is also ST NG. Please, let me know what you think after reading the plot below.

It has been a few years since Captain Jean Luc Picard has taken command of the Starship Enterprise D. While all may appear to be normal, something is going on underneath the very nose of the United Federation of Planets. With Section 31 not accountable to the government a plot has formed. They have become obsessed with weapon development, and have begun to plant the seeds of mistrust on both sides. As the Enterprise goes on patrolling to keep these weapons from reaching the wrong hands illegally, Section 31 is funding the Dominion. A new war is about to begin.

I thank you for taking the time to read and look over this post! I hope to see you there and to be apart of this new RPG.

Here is the link: http://startrekrpg.forumotions.com/

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[22 Mar 2011|12:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Happy Birthday!

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Name troubles [21 Mar 2011|05:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

There's a person named Mike Leonard at work. For the life of me, I can't stop calling him Mark.

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To counteract the toxic effects of Russian spam [12 Mar 2011|06:30pm]

I offer a version of the ST: First Contact theme found on YouTube. This is by far (IMHO) the most beautiful of the ST movie themes, and this kid does a great job with it.

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