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Sirina Anthony


Greetings! I am here to do some advertising on this community about a Star Trek RPG. 


This group has just started up, but given the rigorous attention to detail, we plan on it to be booming with your help, and if you're interested, you are humbly invited.

Below is the plot


This RP site is finished. I am posting the overall plot for people to see as well as the link. We have inter-graded DS9 in the plot, but it is also ST NG. Please, let me know what you think after reading the plot below.

It has been a few years since Captain Jean Luc Picard has taken command of the Starship Enterprise D. While all may appear to be normal, something is going on underneath the very nose of the United Federation of Planets. With Section 31 not accountable to the government a plot has formed. They have become obsessed with weapon development, and have begun to plant the seeds of mistrust on both sides. As the Enterprise goes on patrolling to keep these weapons from reaching the wrong hands illegally, Section 31 is funding the Dominion. A new war is about to begin.

I thank you for taking the time to read and look over this post! I hope to see you there and to be apart of this new RPG.

Here is the link:

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