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The Contents of Barclay's Freaky Holosuite Fantasy

Okay, so it makes sense to have Troi and Beverly there looking lovely...while male senior officers were shortened joke...but how do you explain having Wesley Crusher there? Wesley who looked like this:

...and then Beverly said; "Master Barclay will spank you if you misbehave"

Barclay fantasizes about spanking Wesley! He has a program for it and has roleplayed it already, holy crap I knew that guy was a freak! I think we should set him up with Geordi.

Broccoli is just lucky that Dr.Crusher didn't see this! Barclay, you sick sick freak!

Failing to locate Rule 34, I hereby invoke Rule 35 for Barclay/Wesley spanking Come on, 2366-2348 = Legal

ETA: A partial Barclay/Wesley(holo!), with an appearance from cockblocking Picard, lol Barclay, har-ha! Holodeck Fantasy #1

How spectacularly awkward must Barclay be to need the holodeck considering the free sex future?

ETA 2: You know what, I think the inclusion of the Barclay was a stroke of authorial brilliance. Whereas Wesley being annoying was unintentional, and him being said to be awesome in show made a lot of fans mad (though I actually like Wesley)...Barclay was intended to be someone we can laugh at, guilt free, because this is the kinda acceptable target that would totally have rape fantasies on the holodeck or something. It's okay to to point and laugh at this complete weenie. Barclay exist for everyone of us who has ever felt a deep desire to solve someone like him into a fountain, but was too conscientious to do so - unless he's a creep.
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