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The half-naked joggers in "Justice" was so annoying

I was looking forward to that episode, but alas, it's true what they said about the brain being an important sex organ: I was so annoyed by the annoying, callously simple people, that I just wanted to punch the screen when they come on.

They were not sensual, Lwaxana Troi was sensual (whether she was serious or half-laughing, she was sensual), she was self-aware. These people seem to operate the lines of "it's very sad that we are about to ice a kid for falling into some plants, so sad, let's forget about this with sex, and never think again!"

They reminded me of the princess(?) in TOS's "Cloudminders", though I liked her in the end when she decided to learn more about life for the other side. All the do is jog around all day, heavy pet, and ACCEPT THAT DEATH IS THE PUNISHIMENT FOR ALL CRIMES, because anything more complicated than that hurts their brain.

This kind of stupid, it is not sexy.

...but they weren't all stupid all the time, they offered Picard a visible out earlier, and I totally wanted to punch Captain Chuckles in the face when he turned them down and then started speeching, shut up! Kirk would be scandalized, so would Janeway, so would Sisko! None of them would have left Wesley in their custody.

I think it's possible, though the law is very stupid, that the people there might have adapted an eyes half-shut way for it, for the minor crimes, which has to happen a lot with children eh?

Still this episode hurts my brain. My only desire at the end of the episode is to punch the screen.

Srsly, the people in "Justice", I poll you, how many would actually enjoy a shoreleave on that planet? Would your brain not explode from the insipid mental atmosphere within the hour? Their face is smiling but I don't see anything behind the eyes here...

Very excellent play by some of the characters though. My fangirl heart leaped and did a little dance when Riker rushed to defend Wesley from the people who came at Wes with the poison needle. Dr.Crusher was just lovely. I've always loved the relationship between Beverly and Wesley, they really do feel like they are mother and son, in interaction, and in characterization too, I don't know if the actors have talked about it or not, but both of them have this same adorkable air of excited geekiness, Wes more obvi than Bev.
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User lemonrocket referenced to your post from Saturday, 3rd September, 2011 saying: [...] by at The half-naked joggers in "Justice" were so annoying [...]
Agreed; I need that spark behind the eyes, or there's no interest.
Yup, I don't need to feel like I'm boning an automated Real Doll, yikes!
I could not believe TNG crew and all their superior intelligence did not take time to learn and heed local laws. If they knew any infraction on that planet would lead to instant death would they have still vacationed on it? Tons of naked beautiful fit women probably says yes they would have risked it anyways. BTW they have phasors right?
They were infuriatingly incompetent, every single one of them.

They mixed work and play in the worse of way. They decided to take their shore leave...on a planet with a pre-warp civilization, hell, from the looks of things, these people don't have spaceships, do they even have planes? Cars? Aren't even talking to them breaking the Prime Directive already?

When they went down there, it was actually First Contact, this was a big deal, but the biggest deal to USS Loveboat was that the locals were cute and randy, can we say Starfleet is horrifically arrogant? And acted like a bag of dicks? They have to do things to the Starfleet way, or get things the Starfleet way: wax about their own laws, even when the locals offered them an out earlier! If they have done it earlier, the case wouldn't have been so public!

Captain Kirk took first contact srsly. It's true that he loves to bone, but never has Kirk ever let that get him or his crew into trouble. In fact, quite a lot of Kirk's 'conquests' were in fact him seducing his way out of trouble after trouble got started, a la James Bond, so you could actually argue that no matter how beautiful the women were, the consent that Jim gave, was dubious, One for The Team.

Kirk would NOT have brought Wesley down with him, acting ensign or not, he's still a minor, AND he's only a junior officer. If for whatever reason Wesley was brought down, Kirk would have made sure he wouldn't be alone.

...and um, did Wes have a communicator? Why didn't he, along with everyone, got the memo about the law via the comm asap?

Prime Directive forbids Federation interference with local culture and governance, as in, if you don't like the way the locals run their place, you can't go in there phaser blasting demanding them to live the way you prefer them to live. Hell, strictly, if the locals were stoning one of their own, you can't interfere...but Kirk would probably have interpret to mean that you can't let them know you have interfered! (as you, you can't speech them out of it, but you can fake a death or something). The fight to the death on Vulcan was interfered with when Dr.McCoy faked Kirk's death...Picard, at the end, could have Dr.Crusher fake Wesley's death.

Back to track, non-interference means you don't mess with the way they run their doesn't mean that you let them run YOU however they wish? What if, the local culture they run into, is like, Torchwood? As in, their policy was that any alien that lands on their world belongs to them? Do you just bend to their culture and let them take the ship then? BS!

I also find it strains belief that they went down there for snu-snu, but that what seem to be at least 30minutes later, everyone was still clothed. What's with that?

...and what about STD? Pre-warp, pre-vaccine?

...and regarding Local Law, here, on planet Earth, I don't even step a single foot inside another country without familiarizing myself with the local laws first, no matter how friendly they seem, there are little things. For example, I was born in HK, but before I revisited there, after so many years (and I was a child then), I looked up and learned stuff like how public protest without a permit is technically illegal, and you can't carry knives around. And as a Canadian woman, I can legally bare my breasts in Canada, but in some parts of United States, I can be charged under public nuisance laws, because apparently my breasts are so awesome once I cross the border, I can turn people into stone!